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Yaoicon 2010 Report!

I just wanted to share my first yaoi-con experience with everyone especially meeting Yamane sensei.

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And that’s the end of my report, my first Yaoi-con just to meet Yamane sensei. (^w^) Thank you for reading up to here. Enjoy the pictures!

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Final chapter of the Finder Series by Ayano Yamane is out and *wibbles* What will fill the void?!?!?!  *yes, its that important that it needs caps*

On dragon news, the drakeling and eggies needs more clicks to grow. They only have around 3 days left which is cutting it too close. =( I've been a bad mommy.

Please make the babies feel better with clicks! and Thank You for the clicks! If you need clicks, just leave a link of your scroll in the comments and I'll click them.

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